Budget simply, track reliably, excel free!

A budget planning and cost tracking platform that is sure to make cost your competitive advantage.

Difficult budgetary process?


With the Igluu Software platform suite you simplify your budget planning process by using simple and collaborative tools, helping you to effectively manage the critical financial data your enterprise relies on and take control of your costs, making budget over-runs a thing of the past.

Digital Transformation

is first and foremost a way for any organisation to make reliable strategic decisions by better organizing and visualising reliable enterprise data. The main challenge is to adapt your organisational culture to take the most advantage of the technologies available today to the benefit of your organisation.

This diagnostic tool is conceived by Igluu Software for your to gauge your digital readiness.

By completing this report, you gain insight into your strong suits and your opportunities for improvement, it only takes 5 minutes and its free!





Mastering your budget and expenses becomes simpler with Igluu Softwares

IGLUU Software was born and raised by one of the biggest Aircraft Manufacturer in the world, inheriting the drive for precision and dedication towards operational excellence.

Developed by a multidisciplinary team associating engineers, finance specialists and developers, IGLUU Software has gradually established itself as the collaborative solution allowing the respect of budgetary commitments while ensuring the validation of technological and financial milestones.

With the company as its first customer, it is with their collaboration that the IGLUU Softwares team continues to develop and improve its service offering in order to offer all of its clients an ever more efficient software suite in the management of operating costs.